MTB: Moray – Maras and Salt Mines Ride

One of our most requested tours and with good reason, because it is the best option to live an adventure knowing tourist attractions and the living culture of the sacred valley.

Duration of the tour: 5 Hours

    Ollantaytambo – Moray
    This tour will be done by car, and its duration is 45 minutes, on the way we will have the opportunity to make a stop at one of the viewpoints of the canyon of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
  • Inca Moray Sanctuary:
    We will tour the sanctuary for 30 minutes, where we will know about the Inca Agricultural Laboratory that was a key piece at the time for its expansion and to be able to maintain the entire Empire. Here we can walk taking photographs and knowing the importance in the history of the Incas that the Guide will delight you.
  • Arrival to the town of Maras
    1km ahead of Moray, We begin the descent by Bicycle with an 80% slope and a 20% of Plane and ascent that makes this Intermediate route towards the town of Maras. We will tour and talk about the town and its importance of its history in the region. The approximate time of this descent is 1 hour.
  • Maras – Salineras (Downhill by bicycle)
    Continuing the bike ride for one of the most impressive routes in Peru, down a fun and smooth slope, the approximate time of this descent is 30 Min. toward the salt mines, a beautiful pre-inca architecture wonder, here you will see local people producing salt for local and international consumption.
  • Return to Ollantaytambo. (If you need to return to Cusco we can take you to the nearest bus station in Urubamba)

· Guide / Mountain Bike / Helmet / Gloves / Transport / Snack.

· Entrance to Moray (The partial ticket for Moray and 3 other places costs S/70 soles).
Entrance to the Salt Mines (The entrance ticket costs S / 10 soles).

Pick-ups outside of Ollantaytambo or Urubamba are not included. If you are in Cusco and you want to do the bike tour with us, we can pick you up in Cusco no problem but it has an extra cost of $30.

Tour cost is $70(Dollars) per person, Minimum two people to begin tour,

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It is not necessary for you to return to Ollantaytambo with us, if you wish to go back to Cusco we can help you get on a car from Urubamba that will take you there.

(If you are just one person or want any extra information you can Contact Us

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