Enjoy Abra Malaga Ride

If you want to learn about the living culture, the beauty of wildlife, this is the best option. Combine the adventure by bicycle with the beauty of the panorama of the Tástayoc canyon

LEVEL: Beginner.
Duration of the tour: 4 Hours

    Ollantaytambo-Abra Malaga
    This tour will be done by car, and its duration is 50 minutes, along the way we will have the opportunity to make stops to enjoy the views and the fresh atmosphere that varies with each step.
  • Sanctuary of Abra Malaga:
    We will tour the sanctuary for 15 minutes, where we will have time to enjoy the fresh atmosphere and take pictures knowing a little about the area, and the history of its community development.
  • Abra Malaga – Phiry (Downhill on bicycles)
    From 4350 MSNM We begin the descent but before, we will receive precise instructions for the descent through one of the most impressive routes of Peru, down a slope of 1300 meters, the approximate time of this descent is 1 to 2 hours, It all depends on the rhythm of the group.
  • Return to Ollantaytambo.

Guide / Mountain Bike / Helmet / Gloves / Safety Jersy
/ Transport / Box Lunch.

The cost is $70(Dollars) per person, Minimum two people to begin tour

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