Day Bike to Machupicchu

DURATION: 1 Day All the trip until Aguas Calientes or Machupicchu Town (5 or 6 Hours Duration of the Bike Tour)

LEVEL: BEGINNER (Very Long bike ride and fun adventure trip)

One of the ways to reach Machu Picchu is taking the alternate route passing through the high jungle of Cusco – Santa Maria and Santa Teresa, where you can enjoy the diversity of nature with a panoramic view and not to mention the exquisite thermal baths of Ccocalmayo (Santa Teresa) with a light walk of approximately 3 hours and end up in Machu Picchu town to visit the sanctuary of Machu Picchu, this route is known as the famous Inca Jungle or “Machu Picchu Adventure trip by Back Door“.

Our specialty is downhill Mountain Bike from Abra Malaga which has an altitude of 4350 meters; it is the step and the division between the sacred valley and the high forest.  At this point we take full advantage of gravity due to the newly paved descending roads of approximately 56 km full of beautiful scenery. From this point on you can see how the vegetation changes from a wet and damp yellow to a dry and warm green site, also you can feel the temperature get hotter as we descend altitude reaching Huamanmarca at only 1895 meters above sea level. With the help of our team of OAT and our guide you can make your adventure on 2 wheels safely and enjoy everything we can offer including the exclusivity of the service provided by our professional staff. Once we finish the descent we continue the journey and head towards Santa Maria, the last stop for the day, from here on we can help you take a bus to Santa Teresa if you want to stay an extra night and enjoy some more of the town or take direct transport to Hidro Electrica. Once you get here you will begin a 3 hour walk towards Aguas Calientes, which is the closest town to Machu Picchu.

Price per person: S/315(PEN) or $ 95(Dollars) (At least 2 People to Begin Tour)

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It’s includes.

  • Professional Guide
  • Mountain bike
  • Full helmet
  • Gloves
  • Security vest
  • Private transportation during the tour
  • Box Lunch

Not included

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Hotel (Sta Maria, Santa Teresa and Aguas Calientes) But we can help you look for a good place anywhere.
  •  Machu Picchu Ticket (You can buy them in advance online or in Aguas Calientes Machu Picchu town. The price of the basic entrance fee is S/. 152 cash only)
  •  BUS TICKETS (You can buy in Aguas Calientes or Machupicchu town the Price is $ 28 Adult Abroad.

If you have any questions or doubts you can send us an Email.

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