Hiking to the Inca Quarries & Inti Punku

We will start the day around 09am in Ollantaytambo (2850msnm) from where we will cross the Urubamba River by the Inca Bridge that is at the entrance of the town. From there we will begin a road that passes through Inca terraces until we start the true ascent. After a couple of hours of climbing we will begin to cross the path marked by the well-known “Piedras asleep” the stones that were halfway from the quarries to the temple of Ollantaytambo by the arrival of the Spaniards and the exodus of the Incas. From there we will continue ascending a little more to reach the Cacchicata Quarries (3555msnm). Here we will take our lunch, Box Lunch type, with beautiful views of the Sacred Valley. After lunch we will continue our ascent to the Inti Punku (Puerta del Sol) at 3886 masl.

Tour Cost is S/189(PEN) or $59(Dollars) per person, Minimum two people to begin tour

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Included Service

  • Bilingual Guide
  • Box Lunch

Not Included

  • Mandatory Travel Insurance
  • BreakFast and dinner
  • Extra snack and Drinks

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