Choquequirao Classic

Let’s go Visit Choquequirao

Day 1: After breakfast we will depart Ollantaytambo at 6AM in our van for a 5 hour drive to Cachora. Upon arrival in Cachora, we will have a quick break to stretch out legs and buy any last snacks you may want for the trail. We will then hop back in the car and drive out to the trailhead, where our horses will be waiting for us. After a delicious lunch overlooking the canyon of the Apurimac, we will begin our 4 hour decent to our first night camp, Chiquisca (1,900m/6,240ft). Located on a little ridge above the river, it provides amazing views of both the canyon below and the glacier above.

Day 2: Today we wake up at 5AM and have to be on our way as fast as possible, so we make it as far as possible before the sun reaches us. We have a decent of 30min-1hour to arrive at the river and from there it is 4-6 hours straight up and with very little shade. Around half way up we will stop at Santa Rosa (2,050m/6,730ft) for a mid-morning snack and to refill water bottles. From here we continue our way out of the canyon to Marampata(2,885m/9,470ft), where we will stop for lunch. From Marampata it is 1-2 hours more to our campsite (2,860m/9,385ft) at the base of Choquequirao.

Day 3: Today we’ll visit all that Choquequirao has to offer. Its sounds like a most relaxing day, but keep in mind every section of the ruins is at least 40 minutes from any other. Around 3PM we will make our way back out to Marampata to camp for the evening.

Day 4: Today we will enjoy a nice brunch overlooking the canyon and begin our descent back to the Rio Apurimac around noon. After stopping for a snack in Santa Rosa we will continue on down to the river and start our climb back up to Chiquisca with a nice afternoon wind blowing up the canyon to help keep us cool.

Day 5: Once again today is an early day and we want to go as far as we can before the sun hits us. After breakfast we begin our ascent to the rim of the canyon and we will enjoy a nice lunch up top overlooking all that we have accomplished in the past couple of days. From here it is a short walk to the car and the return drive to your hotel.

Tour Cost is S/2140(PEN) or $669(Dollars) per person, minimum two people to begin tour

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  • Daily meals (Breakfast, lunch, afternoon break and dinner)
  • Doite tents, 4 person tent with 2 person occupancy
  • Sleeping matt
  • First aid kit
  • Guide service
  • Chef and assistant, if necessary
  • Pack mules and muleteers
  • Kitchen and dining tents
  • Transportation
  • Entrance fee to Choquequirao


  • Meals (breakfast first day and dinner last day)
  • Personal snacks and alcoholic beverages.
  • Sleeping bag (available rent if needed)
  • Extra riding horses (for rent upon request)
  • Mandatory travel insurance
  • Tips for cooks, guides and muleteers

If you have any questions or doubt you can send us an Email.

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