Hiking thru the Qéuñas route

 Beautiful Hiking Let’s walking in the Qéuña Forest

Amazing two days trek through one of the bigger and more astonishing areas of native forest of the whole Sacred Valley. Live with us the authentic Quechua nature and culture.

Day 1: We’ll start our walk from Ollantaytambo after breakfast, from where we’ll take an Incan path that will bring us to the ruins of Pumamara, through the impressive terraces of Muscapuquio. In Pumamarka we’ll visit the ruins and have our Box Lunch. After that we’ll start again walking the path to arrive to the Waterfall of Pacchavado to keep on walking up to the Quechua community of Choquechaca (3900masl), our campsite. After that we’ll walk the surroundings to visit the impressive forest of Queuñapucro and, if we feel with forces we’ll reach the base of the Alancoma Glacier.

 Day 2: We’ll start the walk from Choquechaca around 09:00 am, ascending the Apu Huanacaury, where we’ll start the descent that will bring us to the colonial small church of Markacocha where we’ll have lunch. In the afternoon we can visit the Quechua community of Willoq, or have some time off to relax before having our car that will bring us back to Ollantaytambo.

Tour Cost is S/789(PEN) or $249(Dollars) per person, minimum two people to begin tour

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Included Services

  • Daily meals. Breakfast, Lunch, afternoon break and dinner.
  • Doite quad tents, for each 2 persons, and camp mattress.
  • First aids kid.
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Cooker and assistant, if necessary.
  • Horse and horseman.
  • Kitchen and dining room tents
  • Complete wire set for kitchen and dining.
  • Transportation

Not Included Services

  • Sleeping bag (for rent if needed)
  • Feeding (Breakfast first day and dinner last day
  • Personal snacks, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Extra Chair horses (for rent if wanted)

If you have any questions or doubts you can send Us an Email.

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