Waterfall Perolniyoc Inti Punku

 Hiking in the Inka paths (3D – 2N)
Day 1: Pickup from the Hotel and transfer to the break of Soqma. We’ll start walking uphill from the road to the small community of Soqma, where we’ll have our Box lunch. After lunch we’ll keep on walking uphill through a nice canyon, to arrive to the Incan made waterfall of Peroynilloq, of about 30m altitude. After spending some time in this amazing place surrounded by old Sauco trees, we’ll continue walking to arrive to our first campsite, in an amazing ruins built in the top of the waterfall with astonishing views of all the Valley walked during the day.

Day 2: We’ll start the day with a nice hot breakfast to get ready for the hike. After that we’ll start ascent to arrive to the mountain pass that will bring us to the flat highland, having lunch just before the pass. After the pass, we’ll walk in an amazing lunar scenery, full of local fauna from the highlands of the Andes, surrounded by small rivers and lakes, to arrive to our campsite of the day.

Day 3: After our breakfast in our campsite, we’ll start the day walking a flat area that will bring us to the end of the plateau. Here we’ll start a hard way down that will bring us to the Inti Punku, where we can enjoy a 360º view of this part of the Valley. After spending some time in this magical place, we’ll continue our descent to our lunch camp. After lunch, we’ll continue our way down through the Cacchhitata Quarries, where we’ll spend some time admiring the fine stone work of the Incas and the amazing thumbs that you can find here, to continue walking now following a path market for the “Sleeping Stones”, stones that has been abandoned for the Incas once the Spaniards arrived to Ollantaytambo and prevented the Incas to finish the construction of its temple. This path will bring us to the Inca Bridge, at the entrance of Ollantaytambo, end of this experience.

Tour Cost is S/1180(PEN) or $369(Dollars) per person, minimum two people to begin tour

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  • Daily meals. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon break and dinner
  • Doite quad tents, for each 2 persons, and camp mattress.
  • First aids kid
  • Trilingual guide service (Spanish, English and French)
  • Cooker and assistant, if necessary.
  • Horses and horsemen.
  • Kitchen and dining room tents.
  • Complete ware set for kitchen and dining.
  • Transportation. 
  • Sleeping bag (for rent if needed)
  • Feeding (breakfast first day and dinner last day)
  • Personal snacks, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Mandatory travel insurance.
  • Extra Chair horses (for rent if wanted)

If you have any questions or doubts you can send us an Email.

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