MTB: Visit Pumamarca

The best way to enjoy a warm morning with a cultural variety and archaeological remains.

LEVEL: Beginner.
Duration of the Tour: 4 Hours

  • Ollantaytambo – Choquebamba.
    We begin the journey of approximately 40 minutes by car leaving Ollantaytambo towards Choquebamba. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic views of the beautiful fertile canyon.
  • Choquebamba – Pumamarca Fortress.
    A beautiful descent by bicycle without trafic along a wide road that connects with Pumamarca where we will stop for 40 minutes to visit the ceremonial fortress. We will know a little history and the living culture of the area.
  • Pumamarca – Ollantaytambo.
    After a break we resume the bicycles and restart the descent through the Canyon of the Pumamarca Valley, going down a slope of 500 meters to the Plaza de Armas de Ollantaytambo. The approximate time of the descent is 40 minutes, everything depends on the rhythm of the group.

Guide / Mountain Bike / Full face helmet / Gloves / Safety vest
/ Transportation / Snack.

Entrance to Pumamarca (The entrance ticket costs S/10 soles).

Tour cost is $60 (Dollars) per person, Minimum two people to begin tour.

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