MTB: Patacancha Community

If you like the lively culture and the colorful hand made Weaving (Away). This trip is for you! A visit to the High Andean communities and live near the Andean Culture

LEVEL: Beginner.
Duration of the tour: 4 Hours

  • Ollantaytambo – Abra Patacancha.
    We begin the journey of approximately 1 hour by car leaving Ollantaytambo in the direction of the Patacancha valley. During the journey we will make stops to take pictures of the landscape.
  • Abra Patacancha – Community of Patacancha.
    A beautiful descent by bicycle enjoying the Andean flora and fauna (4420) along a road that descends to the community of Patacancha where we will have the opportunity to visit a family home. Where they will show us the ancient techniques of hand knitting called in Quechua “Away”. We will have time to learn about these work processes and Ancestral techniques.
  • Patacancha – Ollantaytambo.
    To continue our adventure we return to the bicycles and begin the descent through the Patacancha Valley, going down a slope of 1450 meters, passing through small communities, enjoying the live culture that can be seen closely. The approximate time of the descent is 1 hour that ends in the Plaza de Armas of Ollantaytambo.

Guide / Mountain Bike / Full face helmet / Gloves / Safety vest
/ Transportation / Snack.

The cost is $70(Dollars) per person, Minimum two people to begin the tour 

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